First LA impressions

I'd actually been in LA very shortly before, but this time I'm with Ana, and I always notice more stuff when I have someone to comment it with (especially her).

  1. I rented a car with Dollar from LAX. I show up at the place, they give me some paperwork and point me towards a row of compact cars. As I am walking towards them, I am trying to find the license plate in the paperwork and fail to do so. I ask which car I am supposed to take and the answer is: anyone I want from that particular section. This is genius. Every single time I rented a car in the past, they gave me the keys in the office and that was it. This way instead I can choose whichever model I want, from the class I paid for. In our case we wanted to have a large trunk, so we got a car that had one, but if we had preferred a more compact car, we could have had that too.
  2. Just to get around LA the GPS inevitably directs you to a bunch of roads that are famous from movies (often movie titles). Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive... These generally look like a succession of strip malls.
  3. On the other hand, the aforementioned strip malls generally have phenomenal food and interesting specialty stores, so I guess you lose some, win some.
  4. On the topic of street names, in the rest of the world, Avenues and Boulevards are reserved for large, multiple lanes roads, but in LA apparently some developer must have found out they could get a premium by selling houses that were on a "boulevard",  so you get "X Avenue" and "Y Boulevard" that would be called X Street or Y Lane anywhere else.


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